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How to dispose of expired medications in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

It is not recommended to discard medicinal drugs with household waste as it can harm the environment.

Each medication has its expiration date, and sometimes a drug becomes outdated, with few willing to accept it even as a donation.

Medication Disposal in Northern Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions About Medications

утилизация лекарств северный кипр


According to current legislation, all pharmacies in Northern Cyprus must accept expired medications from the public for processing and disposal.

If pharmacists are caught disposing of medical waste with household garbage, significant fines will be imposed on the organization.

Pharmacies pay a specific fee for disposal, but this is offset by a tax discount when paying taxes into the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medications in Northern Cyprus

What happens if medications are thrown away with regular waste?

Legally, this is prohibited. However, tracking such cases is practically impossible. Nevertheless, remember that many substances found in medicinal drugs can contaminate the environment.

Do all pharmacies dispose of medications?

By law, they should, but some pharmacists may refer to additional fees for this process. In this case, you can try reminding them of the tax benefits when accepting medicinal waste for disposal.

What types of medications are available in pharmacies in Northern Cyprus?

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of local medications and grouped them by purpose.

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