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Medicines in pharmacies in Northern Cyprus and their analogues

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Most of us in Northern Cyprus face difficulties when we urgently require medicine but only know its name in our own country. We have compiled a list of local medicines, the majority of which are Turkish-made, as well as the names of their analogues in other countries for your convenience.

The medicines are grouped by purpose:

лекарства Северный Кипр

• Minoset – paracetamol
• Minoset Plus - paracetamol and caffeine (in tablets)
• Actifed - baby syrup for diseases of the respiratory system, non-herbal, it can be given to very young children
• Apranax, Apranax Forte - a general analgesic effect, the Forte is stronger in action
• Advil Liqui-Gels - General Analgesic Capsules with Gel
• Anestol - a creme with lidocaine, a light analgesic for the skin
• Nurofen - Strong pain relievers for mild pain
• Diklomek - capsules in very severe pain
• Artril - analgesic gel for rubbing the skin in the joint area
• Voltaren Im Ampul - Analgesic in ampoules
• Nimesulid - analogue of Nise (tablets)


• Calpol - children’s paracetamol/syrup
• Paranox - candles painkillers, antipyretic for children
• Peditus - prevention of flu and common cold for children
• Tylol - there is also Tyrol for children to reduce the temperature, however advised only by prescription (a large share of paracetamol)


• Parol - against headaches, including during pregnancy
• Avmigran Film Tablet - Migraine Treatment
• Tylolhot - soluble powder
• Deflu – Tablets

Sore throat:

• Tantum verde, Heksoral - antiseptic for throat
• Strepsis - pastilles for sore throat
• Oroheks Plus (antienflamatuar antiseptik, Oral sprey) - spray
• Klorhex - antiseptic for throat in the form of a spray


• Asist - to liquefy the sputum, drink before expectorating (syrup) ASİST PLUS (powders)
• Vicks vaposyrup - when coughing with sputum (syrup) expectorant
• Sudafed or Peditus - For children with nasal and bronchial diseases, syrup
• Bricanyl, Perebron - for children against bronchial cough

Runny nose:

• Rhinocort Aqua (nazal kortikosteroid) - Spray with a runny nose, similar to our Aquamaris
• Sterimar - analogue of «Aquamaris», spray

Muscle pain:

• Dikloron jel - gel for muscle pain, not warming
• Profenid jel - Fastum gel analog - (both contain ketoprofen)

Abdominal pain:

• Buscopan - antispasmodic agent


• Reflor - effective against diarrhea
• Ercefuryl - against diarrhea for children (syrup)
• Ors paketi (oral rehidratasyon sıvısı) - an analogue of rehydradron for filling liquid loss in diarrhea, a powder dissolved in water


• Gliserin Kansuk Suppozituar - Glycerin candles for children against constipation
• Eucabon - charcoal activated with herbal additives
• Tatli Badem Yagi - sweet almond oil, great for baby constipation
• Dulcolax - laxative (tablets)
• Duphalac - Duphalac is prescribed in case of constipation to normalize the bowel function, in case of hepatic encephalopathy, in case of relaxation of the stool for medical purposes (hemorrhoids, surgical surgery of the colon/anal opening). Dufalak is contraindicated for galactosemia, intestinal obstruction, increased sensitivity to the components of the drug.


• Emedur - when children vomit, only if the vomiting is not associated with poisoning or infection, vomiting without diarrhea (in candles and in injections)
• Metpamid - when adults vomit (syrup, pills)


• Ketoral - in case of thrush, antifungal (pills, candles, ointment)
• Zolax - for thrush, antifungal (2 capsules)
• Fluzole - for thrush, antifungal (capsules)
• Candidin - for thrush, antifungal (capsules)
• Urfamysin - for urinary system inflammation
• Majezik - Good painkillers (especially for periods)
• Cipro - from cystitis, an analogue of our ciprolum
• Preven - from unplanned pregnancy, only effective for the first 48 hours


• Rynset, Cetrin - In case of hay fever, allergic rhinitis, skin itching (tablets) Avil (syrup)
• Vicks Vapodry - For barking, allergic cough (syrup)
• Sudafed - anti-allergenic with cough (there is syrup and tablets)
• Dexa sine - for eye allergies, conjugate (drops)
• Zirtek - tablets for allergies

Ear pain:

• Otomisin - anti-inflammatory drops in the ears


• Calgeli (Kalgel) - when children`s teeth grow, smear gums
• Apranax - excellent medicine for toothache
• Disinol - tincture of carnations, well relieves toothache

Eye pain:

• Kemicetine - Gemysetin, analogue of Levomycetin
• Exocin - for eye infection (drops)
• Tobrased - drops in the eyes, children for cleaning
• Thilomaxine - for eye infection (drops)
• Terramycin - in case of eye infection (ointment)
• Alkon Tobrex steril oftalmik pomad Exocin - is a lipstick from a cheer on the eye


• Fitokrem - cream-antiseptic, heals wounds
• Travazol - antifungal cream
• Batikon, Baktroban is an ointment and antiseptic (such as our rescuer) Baticon is an iodine and Bactroban cream
• Tantum verde, Heksoral - Antiseptics for the throat (rinse), Klorex in the form of a spray

Skin diseases:

• TEMRRAMYCİN - (ointment for small wounds, cuts)
• HİPOKORT - ointment (neurodermatitis, eczema, seborrhea, child eczema, psoriasis)
• PSORKURTAN - ointment (psoriasis only)


• THERMO-RHEUMON - Cream (lumbago, bursitis, joint pain, rheumatoid pain, rubbing)


• Vectavir - Anti Herpes
• Terramycine - yellow ointment against herpes


• Silvirdin - helps a lot with burn pain

Hair problems:

• Priorin - In case of hair loss, capsule
• Ketoral - shampoo against dandruff and seborrhea

Wounds, bites, cuts, bruises:

• Fitokrem - Antiseptic cream heals wounds
• Lasonil Gel is an analogue of Troxevazin; it is attributed to bruises, dislocations, and internal bruises, and edema. There is also in tablets named VENORUTON, active ingredient okserutin, manufacturer Novartis
• CLAMİNE-T - lotion pencil, easy to carry in bag, from pimples, insect bites
• ZinCream Medinova - cream with 20% zinc oxide for children’s pop and abrasions
• Bepanthen - (analogue of D-panthenol, contain dexanthenol). Application: Wounds, cracks, burns, dermatitis, itchy dermatosis. Helps cause labor contractions during the birth as it causes spasms causing.

Varicose veins:

• "Heparin ointment" LASONIL GEL or RELAXSAN. Also helps with varicose veins both in advanced form and for prophylaxis during pregnancy.

Heart pain:

• GIDROKSIZIN - «Validol»
• PASSİFLORA - analog corvalol, valocardine

Other (Turkish analogues of names of herbs and other):

• Festal - Festal N
• Ichthyol ointment - İHTİYOL
• Boric acid solution (we usually sell 5% in pharmacies) - Borik asit solüsyonu
• Manganese - PERMASOL (in tablets, you need to dilute)
• Hydrogen peroxide (wounds to be treated) - oksijenli su
• camphor oil - kafur yağ
• solidol oil - gris yağ
• castor oil - hint yağ
• type of mustards - yakı
• hot water bottle - su tandırı
• elastic bandage or bow - esnek sargı bezi ve ya esnek sargı bandı
• chamomile - papatya
• sage - adaçayı
• Mother and stepmother - öksürük otu
• mustard - hardal
• oil cloves - karanfil yağ
• nails - aynısafa
• nettle - ısırgan otu
• peppermint - nane
• acacia - akasya
• rowan - üvez
• bird cherry - kuşkirazı
• rosehip - yaban gülü meyvesi, kuşburnu
• dock - kuzukulağı
• Drunkard - kılıcotu
• celandine - kırlangıç otu
• corn stalk - Visir tepecikleri
• Suspension (nystatin) - Mikostatin
• manganese - Permasol (in tablets, you need to dilute)
• Iodine - Tentirdiyot, Battikon

Frequently Asked Questions about Medicines in Northern Cyprus

Where to buy medicines during non-working hours or on weekends?

There are no 24-hour pharmacies in Northern Cyprus. However, there is a system called "Emergency Pharmacy" where you can buy medicines urgently during non-working hours, at night, on holidays, and weekends. You can find the up-to-date list of emergency pharmacies in the Telegram channel News from Northern Cyprus.

What does medical insurance for the Residence Permit include?

When obtaining a Residence Permit, medical insurance includes services from all TRNC state clinics. You can find a detailed list on this page.

Is it possible to find a Russian-speaking pharmacist in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, some pharmacies have pharmacists who speak Russian. You can find a list of such pharmacies here.

Things change quickly in Northern Cyprus, and to stay up-to-date with healthcare-related changes, we recommend reading the Telegram channel Medical Forum in TRNC.

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