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Best vitamins for adults in pharmacies

Updated: 3 months ago

Krilom Omega-3 - a source of Omega-3 fatty acids with krill oil. Thanks to its high astaxanthin content, it has a powerful antioxidant effect. The vitamins do not have an unpleasant aftertaste like regular fish oil and are more effective. It is recommended for cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, endocrine disorders, and vision problems. It is worth noting that the price for this vitamin complex is on average 7-10 times lower than in Russian-speaking countries.

Magnımore plus tabılaç - the complex consists of several types of magnesium. It meets the body's daily requirement for this microelement. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, reduces fatigue, and helps cope with stress and increased physical exertion.

Vıtamın C-Çınko-Propolıs - effervescent tablets with a high content of vitamin C, with the addition of zinc and propolis. They support immunity and help fight viruses and colds.

4 Hepa New life - help for the liver and gallbladder, cleansing and maintaining the function of our natural filter - the liver. Completely natural-based, a very effective complex. It is taken in courses.

Vitamin D3 K2 from Zade Vıtal company - D3 is best absorbed together with vitamin K. The most effective complex for adults, it supports bone health and prevents brittleness. Excellent prevention for osteoarthritis and arthritis.

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