Russian-speaking dentist in Girne

The dental clinic «Samira dental clinic» has a Russian-speaking dentist as well as a wide range of services. Those are the following:

1. Therapeutic treatment (treatment of caries and its complications, aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment with the latest equipment, teeth whitening, intra-canal bleaching, professional ultrasound and airflow cleaning)

2. Orthopedic care (prosthetics of teeth of any complexity)

3. Surgical treatment (tooth extraction, dental planning)

4. Pediatric treatment (therapy and surgery)

You can get an online pre-consultation based on your images. Following that, you can have an examination, develop a treatment plan, and receive personalized oral care recommendations. The doctors at the clinic will make your smile perfect.

We also recommend the orthodontist from Lefkosha Bulent Haydar and the "Confidential Clinic" in Girne - the staff there speak several languages.

In my experience, the removal of a wisdom tooth with anesthesia took only two minutes, and it cost 650 TL.


Samira Dental Clinic, Гирне
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