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Where and how to find turtles in North Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

There are several places on the coast of Northern Cyprus where the turtles Chelonia mydas and Caretta caretta lay their eggs. It takes place at night, the season lasts from June to August.

Seeing baby turtles coming into the world and crawling towards the sea is a rather rare luck, but still, it is possible and we'll tell you exactly where. By the way, keep in mind that this happens at sunset.

The process of the birth of turtle offspring can be observed with the help of the volunteer organization SPOT (here is their website and Facebook page). They mainly organize observations on Alagadi beach, occasionally visiting Akdeniz.

Alagadi turtle beach

This is the most popular place, the connection with turtles can be traced even in the name. The place is considered a nature reserve, tourist infrastructure is prohibited here. It's conveniently located near the highway and has several entrances with parking lots with garbage containers - be sure to take your waste with you. Turtle nests are marked with white nets, don't leave things close to these places.

Akdeniz beach (Akdeniz Caretta beach)

The name of the beach is also "turtle", Caretta - from the species of marine life that lay their eggs here. It's located quite far from popular tourist routes. Turtle nests are also sometimes marked.

Golden Beach

The most famous and largest beach of Karpas also attracts turtles that crawl out to leave offspring. But to meet them is a rarity, the nests are not marked by volunteers.

Kaplica beach

On the northern coast, at the beginning of the Karpas peninsula, there is another beach favored by turtles. But the chance to see them here is lower than in the first two locations of our review.

Черепаший пляж Алагади (Alagadi Turtle Beach)
Пляж Акдениз (Akdeniz Beach)
Золотой пляж (Golden Beach)
Пляж Каплыджа (Kaplica Beach)
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