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Where to buy bicycles in North Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

For lovers of cycling, we publish a list of shops where you can buy bicycles. In most cases, there you can buy spare parts and use the services of a bicycle service.

According to the links in the title - locations, below - sites or social networks.


Alibaba Bisiklet

Akcan Bisiklet

Bisiklet Evi / Bikehouse

Bike Store By Erkan Kilim

Üney Bisiklet

Üney Bisiklet Sanayi

Paralik Sports

Paralik pedal power


Paralik pedal power

Asil Ticaret


Cycleogy Bike Shop

Annaç Bike Shop

Talihsiz Bisiklet ve Motor

Girne and и outskirts of the city

Paralik Sports

The Bike Store Alsancak


Şenyurt Bisiklet

Beşyol Bisiklet

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