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Where can one listen to live music in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

If you want to add (or complement) the serene atmosphere of Northern Cyprus with pleasant sounds of live music, there are several options to suit any taste.

Live Music in Northern Cyprus

живая музыка северный кипр

Performances in Bars

During the weekends, in one of the three largest cities in Northern Cyprus, there will always be an option to listen to a local band in one of the establishments, usually playing cover versions of well-known and beloved songs.


In the capital, the old city can be considered quiet in terms of music, but there are a couple of streets outside of it with plenty of venues featuring live performances. The main one is Osmanpaşa Street. It might even happen that music from, for example, Sevinç Bar will be heard simultaneously with melodies from another drinking establishment along the street.

On Mehmet Akif Street (formerly Deribaşı), you can also hear musicians on Fridays and Saturdays. Within the old city, it is best to explore different bars, but something interesting is likely to be happening on the stage of Narnia Pub or Bibliotheque Café.


Most often, concerts with live music take place at Shamrock Bar and Jooker Live. However, the greatest chance to hear local bands live is in the bars of the old city on weekend evenings. There is also a separate music venue called Forte Live Mağusa, surrounded by medieval decorations.


In Kyrenia, you should also wander around the old city and follow the sounds. Aside from the city center, it is worth visiting establishments such as Gate Live Bar, Myata Bar and Lounge, and Littlepub. If you're interested in unobtrusive lounge music by the sea, head to Giamare Beach Club and Suna's Beach Club.

Concerts in Clubs and Casinos

Performances by stars of different magnitudes usually take place in large clubs or casinos. There is no universal recipe; you need to read the news of the venues and check the Telegram forum "Events in Northern Cyprus," where there are plenty of announcements for various concerts.

Festivals and Holidays

Cypriots love various holidays and festivals. Whether it's a watermelon festival, walnut festival, or olive harvest, each of these events will have live music by a local band, or even performers from Turkey.

Classical Music

One of the main musical gems of Northern Cyprus and an object of envy for the southern part is Bellapais Abbey. Besides being one of the main and most beautiful attractions on the island, it also has excellent acoustics in one of its halls, where numerous classical or similar music concerts are held.

For example, the International Music Festival of Northern Cyprus takes place in the halls of Bellapais. In 2023, it will be held for the 21st time! Performers of truly global stature come to this event, showcasing their virtuosity on the violin, piano, cello, and other interesting instruments.

By the way, on September 27th, a concert by the virtuoso guitarist Didula will take place precisely at Bellapais Abbey. Beautiful music in a hall with perfect acoustics in a medieval ambiance - what could be better? Tickets can be purchased through this link.

Frequently Asked Questions about Music in Northern Cyprus

On which days are official holidays celebrated in Northern Cyprus?

We have prepared a list of official holidays on this page.

What festivals are there in Northern Cyprus?

As mentioned before, there are many. For example, the Olive Festival, Orange Festival, Walnut Festival, Lavender Harvest Festival, Grape Festival, "Careta Careta" Festival, Alagadi Fest, Patoke Festival, Watermelon Culture and Art Festival, "Cultural Fusion" Festival, Baba Festival, Folk Dance and World Festival, and others. And of course, the main one for music lovers - the International Music Festival.

Where can I find the schedule of performances in Bellapais?

Mostly, performances in Bellapais take place as part of the International Music Festival. Information about concerts can be found on the event's Instagram or Facebook page.

Stay updated with current events in Northern Cyprus through the news channel, and also check out the "Afisha" forum, where you will definitely find many interesting music events.

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