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Where to Smoke Hookah in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

For shisha enthusiasts, we provide a list of establishments where you can indulge in this activity. Additionally, we offer information about places where you can buy your own hookah or rent one.

кальян северный кипр

Shisha Lounges in Northern Cyprus:

In these establishments, you can spend time smoking hookah; some position themselves as shisha lounges, while others offer hookah as an addition to lunch, dinner, or cultural programs.


Cafede Nargile & Bar

Biiz Cafe

SkyBerry Coffee

Maçakızı Coffee Shop

The White Park

Yusuf Bilge Baklava Sarayı



The Shamrock

Okka Coffee

Muhabbet Cafe Nargile & Waffle

Good Fellows


Beach club Flo Rida


No.1 Cafe & Bistro

Jasmine Court Hotel And Casino

The BlackPenny Coffee House & Kitchen

Groggy Lounge

Hookah Point Cafe

Myata Bar and Lounge

Park Nargile (in Merit Hotel)

ŞapqA Cafe & Lounge Girne

DiMera Nargile Cafe & Pub

Grande Papel

Beyzade Nargile Cafe

Nima Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Sky Lounge & Bar (in Lords Palace Hotel)


Kemerli Bahce


Keyf-i İstanbul Cafe

Shisha Shops and Tobacco Stores:

If you are a frequent hookah smoker, it makes sense to purchase your own. Here are several shops in different cities of Northern Cyprus where you can buy a complete set—from the bowl to various types of tobacco.


MuYa Shisha Al Fakher

Meder Shisha Magusa

Nargile shop


Ada Bohem Hookah & More


Black Star Tobacco

Joker Nargile

Ada Bohem Hookah & More

Meder Shisha Lefkosa


Revolver Shisha Store

Purchase and Rent of Hookah:

In addition to the listed shops, you can buy a hookah smoking set in the "Vape, Disposable e-cig, Hookah" chat of the largest Russian speaking Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus.

There, you can find offers for renting a hookah and related peripherals or even options with a hookah master. Use the forum-wide search; offers may be in different chats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leisure in Northern Cyprus:

What can complement the hookah experience?

In some establishments offering hookah, you can also enjoy karaoke. For example, you can combine both in places like Groggy Lounge in Kyrenia, as well as Octoberfest and Shamrock in Famagusta. Read more in our karaoke bars guide in Northern Cyprus.

How else can you have fun at night in Northern Cyprus?

Of course, nightclubs primarily come to mind. We are talking about places where people predominantly dance. Most of them are in the Kyrenia area, but there are also several places in the Famagusta and Iskele areas where you can listen to music until morning. Check out our review of nightclubs in Kyrenia and Famagusta.

Also, participate in discussions about establishments in the northern part of the island in chats like "Events", "Where to Relax", and the aforementioned "Vape, Disposable e-cig, Hookah".

кальян северный кипр

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