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Where to find karaoke in northern cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

A beloved pastime for many can also be found in establishments in Northern Cyprus. Let's explore where you can sing songs with friends. You can find the locations of these establishments on the maps below.


караоке северный кипр

Karaoke in Girne

Sova Lounge & Restaurant

A restaurant offering Japanese, Slavic, and Italian cuisine, where they host karaoke nights on Wednesdays.

Groggy Bar

A great selection of cocktails and visitors also praise the shisha. In addition to the bar and snacks, there is also karaoke and a dance floor.

Karaoke in Famagusta

Octoberfest Restaurant

Boasts a professional Evolution system with 100,000 songs in Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, English, and Azerbaijani. Besides food and drinks, they also serve hookahs.

Asia mix

An Asian cuisine restaurant where occasional paid-entry karaoke parties take place. It's best to inquire about their availability by phone. Shisha enthusiasts will also enjoy this place.

Караоке в Іскеле

Velvet Room Karaoke

A karaoke bar located in the well-known Ceasar Resort residential complex. Excellent acoustics and a wide selection of beverages. Open daily from 7 PM to 2 AM.

Zanoza Bar

Another establishment in Iskele, is open until 3 AM, and popular among Russian-speaking karaoke enthusiasts.


Are there nightclubs in Northern Cyprus?

The main places for nightlife are Girne and Famagusta, and nightclubs are concentrated in these cities. Here are our guides:

Where in Northern Cyprus can you listen to live music?

There are several options on the northern part of the island for all tastes. These include performances by bands in bars, concerts in clubs and casinos, festivals, and holidays with invited stars of various sizes, and even classical music at Bellapais Abbey. Learn more about this in our review.

How can you access the casinos in Northern Cyprus?

This is also an excellent option to relax and unwind. We have provided information about the rules for visiting the island's gambling establishments in this article.

In the Telegram forum of Northern Cyprus, there are chats for "Dating" and "Club of Drinking Enthusiasts" - where karaoke and nightclub outings are most often discussed - join in!

Sova Lounge & Restaurant
Groggy bar
Restaurant Octoberfest
Asia mix
Velvet Room Karaoke
Zanoza Bar
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