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How to book a hotel in Northern Nicosia online?

Updated: 2 months ago

The status of the unrecognized republic filters out many options for civilized accommodation booking. However, some methods still exist.

Booking on hotel websites

Booking through aggregators

Booking on Turkish websites

Frequently asked questions about hotel booking
отели северной никосии


If the hotel has a website, booking can usually be done through it. The problem is that non-Russian-issued cards are needed for this. If you have such a card, you can find the hotel website — preferably through Google Maps. In the absence of a booking system on the website, you can try to do it by phone.


On,, Ostrovok, or Yandex. Travel, there are some hotels in Northern Cyprus, including in Northern Nicosia. But there are a few. Below are links to these hotels on the Ostrovok aggregator, and they can be paid with a Russian bank card.

Concorde Tower & Casino & Convention & Spa

Costas Hostel Action

Sky Roof

Hotel Sun

G Suites Luxury Rentals Boutique Hotel

City Royal Hotel

Merit Lefkosa Hotel Casino & Spa

Alya Rooms

Grand Pasha Lefkosa Hotel & Casino & Spa

Nagas Hotel & Restaurant

Baskent Pansiyon

Nicosia Eagle Eye Boutique

Hotel Enkaya Hotel


Since Turkey is the only country that recognizes Northern Cyprus as an independent state, it makes sense to look for hotels on Turkish booking websites. If there is no English version, it is recommended to use the built-in browser translator — generally, everything should be understandable if you have booked hotels before.

Turkish websites for hotel booking:

Tatil Sepeti




In the last option, you need to select a special Kibris tab:

бронирование jollytur северный кипр


Are there luxury hotels in Northern Cyprus?

Despite the absence of international chains, Northern Cyprus has enough luxury hotels, such as Merit or Kaya Plaza. Usually, they also function as casinos. We have material on the most expensive hotels in Northern Cyprus.

Which hotels in Northern Cyprus are casinos?

More than 30 accommodation facilities act as casinos in the northern part of the island. Here is a list of casino hotels in Northern Cyprus.

Are there hotel selections?

The resource periodically releases hotel selections that meet specific criteria. Here are some examples:

Hotels in Kyrenia by the sea

Best hotels in Famagusta

On the largest Telegram forum of Northern Cyprus, you can learn the opinions of twenty thousand users about a particular casino or reviews of hotels in Nicosia.

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