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Beaches of Karpaz

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Karpaz is that famous Cypriot 'tail' that stretches to the east. It is an excellent undeveloped place for a weekend getaway with untouched nature and beautiful beaches.

However, it should be understood that you won't find the usual infrastructure here - bring your own towels, blankets, and umbrellas. The locations on the map can be found at the end of the text.

Golden Beach (Golden beach / Altınkum plajı)

This is the most famous beach in Karpaz, stretching almost three kilometers in the southern part of the peninsula. As far as the eye can see, there is light-yellow sand and a gentle entrance to the sea. There is a café on the beach, a road leading to the cape and the monastery of St. Andrew, and another café with the best view of the beach where you can stay overnight in bungalows.

Taşlıdża Beach (Taşlıca plajı)

The beach is closer to Bafra, wild, and quite extensive. If you approach from the village of Taşlıdża, you can settle on a camping site.

Nitovikla Beach (Nitovikla plajı)

Located near the ruins of Nitovikla Castle, this beach offers stunning views from the remnants of the structure. Nearby, there are also remains of the Church of St. Barbara. You can swim both to the left and right of the ruins.

Bafra Beach (Bafra Public Beach)

The only beach on the peninsula with developed infrastructure: sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, changing cabins, and water activities during the season.

Blue Sea Hotel Beach

There is also some infrastructure thanks to the hotel and a few cafes. It is located very close to the village of Dipkarpaz, so compared to the other beaches on the peninsula, it can be quite crowded.

Halk Beach (Halk plajı)

Another beach along the road to Cape St. Andrew. It offers a couple of convenient coves for swimming and a hotel with a café. Sometimes they set up sunbeds during the season.

Ayfilon Beach (Ayfilon plajı)

The northern part of the peninsula is rocky, and there are almost no beaches there, except for some wild coves. One exception is Ayfilon, where there is even a café during the season.

Kaplumbağa Beach (Kaplumbağa plajı)

Another exception is in the northern part of the Cypriot 'tail,' located at the entrance to Dipkarpaz. It is a two-kilometer sandy beach without infrastructure, and locals love to have picnics here.

Don't forget to buy carrots for the famous donkeys of Karpas. You can find information on how to find them here.

Золотой пляж (Golden Beach)
Пляж Ташлыджа (Tashlidja Beach)
Пляж Нитовикла (Nitovikla Beach)
Пляж Бафры (Bafra Beach)
Пляж у отеля Blue Sea (Beach at the Blue Sea Hotel)
Пляж Халк (Hulk Beach)
Пляж Айфилон (Aifilon Beach)
Пляж Каплумбага (Kaplumbaga Beach)
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