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How to find donkeys in Karpaz?

Updated: 2 months ago

You won't have to search hard for these hoofed animals, you could say they'll find you themselves. About 200-300 meters past the Big Sand Beach cafe, there will be small gates, and the first donkeys might already be waiting for you there (location on the map below).

Further along the only road towards the Monastery of St. Andrew, the animals will come right up to the cars - you can feed them from the window.

At the furthest point of the cape, there is also a family of four individuals. When you park and start walking up to the hill with flags (which offers the best views), it's better to close your car windows - donkeys may easily pull something out of the cabin. You can feed them by hand once you're outside, but they don't always allow you to approach them.

Donkeys prefer carrots, but you can also give them apples or turnips. It's better to buy these treats in advance, as there won't be any stores after the town of Dipkarpas, the last place to buy treats is at the store by the gas station (coordinates), and it's also the best place to fill up your gas tank, as there are no other gas stations beyond this point.

Ворота, после которых вас будут преследовать ослики (The gates beyond which little donkeys will follow you)
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