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Beaches near Lefke

Updated: 2 months ago

Popular with students and privacy-conscious expats, Lefke isn't on the coast, but a little in the mountains and there are several places near the city on the coast where you can sunbathe and swim.

Mardinli beach (Mardinli plajI)

A small beach near the ruins of the Salt amphitheater. There are no facilities on the beach itself, but on the territory of the coastal restaurant Mardin there are sun loungers and there are slopes to the water. On the other side of the beach there is a cafe with good reviews and a terrace by the sea Merhaba Balik Evi.

Yedidalga beach (Yedidalga plajI)

Municipal beach of the village of the same name. There are no amenities, it looks more like a wild one, but with your own towel and umbrella you can swim. The famous seafood restaurant Swan of Soli is located very close by and definitely worth a visit. To the east there are several more establishments with a descent in the code and good cuisine.

Chukurgalif beach (Çukurgalif plajI)

A small narrow beach with sun loungers and awnings. Part of the sun loungers without awnings and placed on the grass. For these amenities, an entrance fee is charged, the cost varies, it's better to find out on the spot. But as of June 2023, it doesn't exceed 50 lire.

The beach near the hotel Vouni King (Vouni King beach)

Vouni King Hotel & Restaurant has a harbor with a beach. There are also several other establishments with food, some of them provide sun loungers. Near the village of Yashilyarmak, where you can diversify your vacation by picking strawberries on local farms. The place is also notable for the vine entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Kumlu Deniz beach (Kumlu Deniz plajI)

The easternmost beach of the TRNC, very close to the border with the southern part, and the most inaccessible: it is better to go down to it by car only in dry weather. But, perhaps, the most beautiful in this part. There is coarse sand, a bizarre shape of the coast and a rock that stands separately in the sea, to which you can swim without any problems. There are no amenities, the beach is not equipped, but there are almost no people either.

Пляж Мардинли (Mardinli Beach)
Пляж Едидалга (Edidalga beach)
Пляж Чукургалиф (Chukurghalif Beach)
Пляж у отеля Вуни Кинг (Beach at the Vuni King Hotel)
Пляж Кумлу Дениз (Kumlu Deniz Beach)
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