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Beaches in the Famagusta area

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Famagusta - the easternmost of the major cities of Northern Cyprus. Is washed by the Mediterranean Sea and has a fairly long coastline. Consider a few places where you can comfortably swim and sunbathe.

Varosha beach (Maras plajI)

The most post-apocalyptic beach of Famagusta. The fault is the hotels abandoned after the 1974 war along the coast. However, it has its own charm. In addition, some coastal restaurants offer civilized services such as sun loungers on the beach and toilets in their establishments.

Beach Palm Beach (Palm Beach plajI)

The beach is located at the very beginning of the abandoned zone of Varosha, but next to it is a luxurious hotel of the same name. Sun loungers, showers and other amenities belong to the hotel. But you can relax in the coastal zone without being a guest.

Glapsides beach (Glapsides plajI)

Municipal beach with sun loungers for an additional fee. The gently sloping entrance to the sea will appeal to children, and the proximity to Famagusta makes it popular with locals. Often there are parties right on the coastline.

Silver Beach (Silver Beach plajı)

The beach is very close to the ancient city of Salamis. If you are going to visit this attraction (you must do this), then after it you can perfectly refresh yourself. On the beach there is a cafe of the same name.

Salamis Beach (Bedi's Beach Bar)

At the very entrance to the ancient city is the Bedi's bar, near which there is a beach area with sun loungers on the seashore. Ideal for relaxing after visiting Salamis, and the entrance to it's very convenient due to the top attractions of the region located nearby.

Kojareis beach (Kocareis plajı)

Located just north of the ancient city of Salamis. It's considered one of the most attractive and diverse beaches in the Famagusta region. Nearby there is a Kocareis Bungalows hotel, a camping site, and several cafes. The beach itself is sandy and gentle.

Further towards Iskele there is a long coastline with several food points - there you should look for at least some kind of infrastructure. The restaurants Playa Del and Marinero can be distinguished

Пляж Вароша (Varosha Beach)
Пляж Палм Бич (Palm Beach)
Пляж Глэпсайдс (Glapsides Beach)
Пляж Сильвер (Silver Beach)
Пляж Саламис (Salamis Beach)
Пляж Коджарейс (Kojareis Beach)
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