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The most expensive hotels in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Despite the fact that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a relatively affordable country, it also offers a place for elements of luxury.

Luxury hotels take the lead here. We decided to examine the cost of rooms using search aggregators and tell you about these resorts.

For comparison, we took a week of vacation from August 21st to August 28th in the most expensive category of rooms available on the Ostrovok hotel booking service for these dates, and here's what we found.

Top 10 most expensive hotels in Northern Cyprus

Люкс отели Северный Кипр

Kaya Palazzo Resort & Casino Girne

Despite the fact that the cheapest room for our dates costs "only" 91,742 TRY, there is also a luxury suite for 715,580 TRY if we want to spend as much as possible.

Merit Royal Diamond Hotel & SPA

This hotel has the highest starting price for a room, starting from 222,960 TRY. But the rooms in the most luxurious category will cost "only" 376,865 TRY, hence the second place.

Concorde Luxury Resort & Casino & Convention & SPA

The rooms start from 196,432 TRY, but our goal is to spend as many Turkish liras as possible, so we will stay in a suite for 303,262 TRY.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe

The simplest rooms start from almost the lowest mark in our review, 75,142 TRY, but there is a possibility to upgrade to a higher category for 153,979 TRY.

Merit Park Hotel & Casino

The range is not that big - the rooms start from 101,122 TRY and go up to 146,236 TRY.

The Arkin Iskele Hotel

The week in a luxury suite will cost almost the same as in the previous hotel - 145,036 TRY. And a slightly simpler room for the same week can be occupied for 88,093 TRY.

Cratos Premium Hotel & Casino

The budget room costs almost the same - 86,107 TRY, while the most expensive one is "only" 104,047 TRY.

Rocks Hotel

This hotel offers only one option, but at least it's a little over a hundred thousand, namely 101,057 TRY.

Lord’s Palace Spa Casino

Here, both options are less than a hundred thousand liras - from 81,569 TRY to 90,798 TRY for a week's stay in August.

Chamada Prestige Hotel

Well, the outsider of our top 10 offers only one category of rooms for only 72,341 TRY.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels in Northern Cyprus

Do they accept Russian bank cards for payment when booking?

If you book directly through the hotel's website, then no, they do not accept them. However, if you book through Russian aggregators like Ostrovok or Yandex, you can pay with a bank card issued by a Russian bank.

Is it possible to cancel a hotel reservation?

It depends on the hotel and the rate. Generally, the most advantageous rates do not allow for cancellation, while with a more expensive rate, the reservation can be easily canceled. However, free cancellation may only be possible within a day or more, after which the cost of the first night is deducted.

If you are staying in Northern Cyprus for a long time, staying in a hotel would be expensive even without the mentioned money. In this case, it makes sense to rent an apartment. Or, if you visit frequently, you can buy one and rent it out while you are away. You can find plenty of options for both rentals and sales in the Telegram group "Real Estate in Northern Cyprus".

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