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Who has the right to conduct real estate transactions in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 4 weeks ago

In early November 2023, the North Cyprus Realtors Association Act was submitted for ratification to the General Assembly. The adoption of this legislation enhances oversight within the real estate sector.

It is anticipated that this law will not only organize the real estate industry, safeguarding the interests of both sellers and buyers, but also ensure regular tax contributions to the budget of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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Who is eligible to engage in the real estate sector?

According to the new legislation, real estate activities may be conducted solely by companies that are members of the North Cyprus Realtors Association.

The North Cyprus Realtors Association

Established in 2004, the Association aims to regulate the quality of services provided to buyers and sellers in the North Cyprus real estate market. The Realtors Association, which has long advocated for the enactment of this law, perceives it as a triumph over the illicit real estate market in North Cyprus.

Frequently asked questions about North Cyprus real estate

Which agencies are authorized to handle real estate matters?

We have compiled a list of verified real estate agencies on a dedicated page, where you can acquaint yourself with them and also receive a consultation from our specialist via phone +905391140555.

Can I personally register the sales contract?

Indeed, you have the option to handle the registration yourself. However, without a comprehensive understanding of the language and local legislation, we would not recommend doing so; it is advisable to entrust all the complexities to a reputable agency authorized to engage in real estate activities in North Cyprus.

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