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Permission to purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus: how to obtain it?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

Merely having the money for an apartment in Northern Cyprus isn't enough; you also need permission... from the entire Council of Ministers!

You can directly go through the process of purchasing an apartment and sign a contract with the owner or construction company without this permission. However, if you want the final deed (certificate of ownership), you need to make a request to the Council of Ministers of the TRNC.

Разрешение на покупку недвижимости на Северном Кипре

What is a dossier number?

This is a somewhat outdated term, but in the real estate context, anyone working in this field will understand the expression “Dosya numarası.” This document (or more precisely, a small piece of paper with the application number) used to be issued in paper form before the introduction of an electronic document management system for real estate purchase applications at the Ministry of Interior of Northern Cyprus. Now, when submitting a request for approval to purchase, you will be given an application number by the Council of Ministers of the TRNC.

How to get the number?

To obtain a dossier number, you need to apply to the Ministry of Interior of Northern Cyprus, specifically to the department for real estate, fill out an application, and provide all the necessary documents (passport, purchase agreement, criminal record certificate, site plan and architectural plan, certificate of ownership).

In what other cases is this dossier number needed?

You will need the application number from the Council of Ministers when transferring the certificate of ownership to your name. Currently, the immigration department also asks for a document confirming the application to the Council of Ministers (the dossier number or now the application number) when submitting documents for a residence permit.

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Why is this permission necessary at all?

Permission is important from the perspective of verifying the buyer of real estate. Since the island is small and, consequently, the amount of real estate is limited, local authorities strive to control real estate buyers in terms of criminal records, as well as the proximity of the property to strategic objects.

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When can approval from the Council of Ministers for purchase be refused?

Your application to purchase real estate may be rejected if you have incorrectly filled out the application, have a criminal record (serious or at the Interpol level), or if the property is located near a strategic object (including military bases). To avoid refusal and correctly fill out the application, it is better to seek help from specialists — you can find contacts at the bottom of the article.

Where can I find more information about real estate in Northern Cyprus?

  • In the “Real Estate” section on the Cyprus-FAQ website — there are already more than 15 articles on this topic, and the number will only continue to grow.
  • If you have any questions regarding permitting documentation for real estate transactions, contact our specialists using the contacts below.
  • You can also read the “Real Estate” thread on the largest forum in Northern Cyprus.

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