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Parts of Northern Cyprus Left Without Water Due to a Utility Accident Near Ercan

10.07.2024 / 22:11

A utility accident in Northern Cyprus has left the southern part of the TRNC without water.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the TRNC, on July 10th, during cleaning operations conducted by the Değirmenlik Municipality near Ercan Airport, the drinking water system supplying the southern lines as part of the water supply project from Turkey to the TRNC was damaged.

As a result of the damage, water will not be supplied to the southern part of the TRNC until the fault is fixed. Repair work has already begun.

The following areas are affected by the water outage: Kırklar, Dilekkaya, Kırıkkale, Erdemli, Yiğitler, Akıncılar, Türkmenköy, Akdoğan, Beyarmudu, Çayönü, and Güvercinlik.

Until the issue is resolved, water will be sourced from local drinking water supplies. Residents are urged to use water sparingly.

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