Cyprus, Nicosia

Counterfeit Euros Confiscated at Guzelyurt Gas Station

24.06.2024 / 08:49

A man has been apprehended in Northern Cyprus for circulating counterfeit money. The individual used fake banknotes to settle a transaction at a gas station in Guzelyurt.

According to police reports, a 53-year-old man was caught distributing counterfeit euros. The incidents reportedly took place on June 14 and 16. The suspect visited the gas station as a customer and purchased fuel amounting to 1,000 Turkish lira for his vehicle.

As payment for the fuel, he handed over two €100 banknotes with serial numbers SC 3009486470 and SC 3009486473 and received 5,960 TL in change.

It was later discovered that the European banknotes were counterfeit. The suspect has been taken into custody.

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