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Several roads in TRNC are closed to traffic

24.06.2024 / 08:58

Several roads have been closed to traffic in Northern Cyprus. Earthworks have commenced in Tashkinkoy, and maintenance work is being carried out on the storm drain between the villages of Inenu and Vadili.

According to the Turkish Municipality of Nicosia (LTB), earthworks in Tashkinkoy will continue from Chetin Bashar Street to Kemal Yunal Street until July 1. During this period, the specified section of the road will be closed. The works are part of the project to develop the electrical infrastructure of the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK).

Drivers using this route are advised to plan their journey in advance, adhere to road signs and markers.

In addition, the Department of Highways announced that the road between Inonu and Vadili villages is closed to traffic from today.

The announcement states that the Municipality of Mesaoria is carrying out drainage works on this section.

There is no clarification on when this road will be reopened to traffic.

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