Cyprus, Nicosia

Firefighters in Northern Cyprus have rescued a pigeon, a fox, and a person stuck on a palm tree

20.05.2024 / 18:25

During the past week, from May 13th to May 19th, there were 12 fires and 22 incidents in Northern Cyprus that required intervention from rescuers.

According to the press service, the total damage caused by fires amounted to 2,319,500 Turkish liras.

The causes of the fires include short circuits, unextinguished cigarette butts, uncontrolled burning of garbage, sparks from electrical wire ruptures, ignition of dry grass, ignition of a forgotten stove, and oil in the truck cabin catching fire.

In addition to fires, rescuers were called to save cats stuck in drainage pipes and in the engine compartment of a car. As well as dogs that fell into a well, got stuck on a roof, or fell into a pool. Furthermore, emergency service personnel rescued a pigeon trapped in a chimney, a fox that fell into a pit, and a person stuck on a palm tree.

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