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Historic F-100 Fighter Jet Finds New Home at Alsancak Beach

11.06.2024 / 19:24

A significant piece of history has arrived at Yavuz Landing Beach in Alsancak: an F-100 fighter jet that played a role in the Peacekeeping Operation of July 20. This installation marks a poignant tribute ahead of the annual Peace and Freedom Day celebrations.

The meticulous process of placing the military aircraft began on June 7. Starting at 5 AM, the team completed the installation in just two hours.

This operation was a joint effort, involving the expertise of the 1st Directorate of the Aircraft Maintenance Factory from Turkey. "Using our cranes, platforms, and forklifts, we successfully installed the historic aircraft," shared Transport Director Sönmez Levent.

The relocation of the F-100 fighter jet to Yavuz Beach serves as a prelude to Peace and Freedom Day, a significant observance in Northern Cyprus on July 20. This day marks the Turkish intervention in the 1974 conflict, a pivotal moment when Turkish forces intervened to safeguard Turkish Cypriots and halt the ongoing violence.

The celebration of Peace and Freedom Day includes military parades and ceremonies dedicated to honoring the flags of Northern Cyprus and Turkey, reflecting on the historical importance of the day.

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