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On the First Day of Kurban Bayram, 175 Violations Identified on TRNC Roads

17.06.2024 / 20:04

On the first day of Kurban Bayram celebrations across Northern Cyprus, checks were conducted to enforce compliance with traffic rules. During these operations, 175 violations were detected.

According to the police press service, a total of 1,625 drivers were inspected during these supervisory activities, with 175 of them being held accountable for various traffic violations. Criminal cases were initiated against them. Two drivers were arrested, and movement was restricted for 51 vehicles.

The most common violations identified were speeding, followed by driving under the influence of alcohol. Specifically, 68 drivers were caught speeding, while 44 were found driving under the influence. Nine individuals were using mobile phones while driving, four were not wearing seat belts, and seven were driving without insurance. Additionally, three drivers were fined for reckless driving, and 40 others were held accountable for different traffic violations.

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