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Vice President of Turkey to Visit TRNC Again

25.05.2024 / 13:42

Turkey's Vice President, Cevdet Yılmaz, will once again visit the TRNC. Tomorrow, the Turkish politician will arrive in Northern Cyprus for a one-day visit.

According to a statement from the Turkish President's press office, during the trip, Cevdet Yılmaz will meet with the Prime Minister of the TRNC, Unal Ustel, and participate in an informational meeting on integrated refrigerated warehouses in Güzelyurt. He will also be briefed on ongoing projects and a hospital under construction in this region.

Then, the Vice President of Turkey will head to Famagusta, where he will visit the closed city of Varosha. Varosha began gradually reopening with the participation of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and by the decision made by the President of the TRNC, Ersin Tatar. Four years ago.

Following this, Cevdet Yılmaz will meet with the residents of Famagusta before concluding his one-day visit to the TRNC.

It's worth noting that the Vice President of Turkey visits the TRNC quite frequently; he last visited the island in mid-April.

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