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English-speaking kindergartens In North Cyprus.

Updated: 3 months ago

If you are interested in preschool education, then your child can be sent to either a Russian-speaking kindergarten or an English-speaking one. The second option is perfect if parents want to instill a love of foreign languages and are aimed at the international education of the child in the future.

Bindayi Pre School

Children's academy with an emphasis on studying English and exact sciences.

Colour Land

Closest to the format of our usual kindergartens, they speak Turkish, but there are English lessons.

Necat British College

Studying English for different ages, there is a preschool education department.

Near East Preschool

An analog of kindergarten preparatory groups with bilingual education and an emphasis on exact sciences and the IT field. A child can also learn French as a second foreign language.

The English School of Kyrenia

The school teaches various programs in English for children of a wide age range, from 2 to 18 years old.

Bindayi Pre School
Colour Land
Necat British College in Kyrenia
Necat British College in Nicosia
Near East Preschool
The English School of Kyrenia
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