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What specialization should you choose at a North Cyprus university if you want to stay and work on the island?

Updated: 4 months ago

Universities in Northern Cyprus are accessible - there is no need to take entrance exams, and tuition costs start from €5,000 per year. But, of course, it all depends on the faculty. Some specialties will bring high and stable income on the island in the future. Therefore, if an applicant connects his future with Northern Cyprus, then he should pay attention to the following areas:

  • Medicine. The most expensive education. The price per year is twice the minimum price tag for training, that is, 10,000 - 12,000 €. But doctors in Northern Cyprus can always count on respect and very good salaries.
  • Economics, banking. To get an education in finance, you will also have to pay more than the minimum cost. This is approximately 8000€ per year. However, economists on the island have several advantages. You can get a job in your profession before receiving your diploma. In Northern Cyprus, banks hire finance students as interns. And in the future, you can count on a decent salary in the banking sector.
  • Lawyers in the TRNC earn very decent money. Therefore, jurisprudence is one of the most expensive fields in local universities. After studying the legislation of Northern Cyprus and receiving a diploma, you can start working.
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