Cyprus, Nicosia

North Cyprus municipal schools

Updated: 4 months ago

It cannot be said that municipal schools in Northern Cyprus are much inferior in quality to private ones. Both educational institutions are quite good, and the level of teaching is high everywhere. The only thing is that in British private schools lessons are taught only in English. As for municipal ones, by studying there, your children will know English, Turkish, and Russian. Teaching in municipal schools is conducted in two languages (English, and Turkish). In addition, there are always Russian-speaking students on the team. There are usually several of them in a class.

The English language and the level of its teaching in Northern Cyprus are traditionally high because in the past it was part of the British Empire. So you don't have to worry that your children won't learn English perfectly when attending a public school.

Education lasts 12 years. Classes, as a rule, are international - in addition to Cypriots, who often choose municipal schools, children from the CIS countries, Turkey and the Baltic states study in the classes.

After municipal school, you can enter the University of Northern Cyprus or a higher education institution in any other country - the level of knowledge allows it, and state educational institutions issue international certificates

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