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Does FedEx deliver goods to Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Although Northern Cyprus is not fully recognized by the international community, some companies deliver goods to the island.

FedEx Северный Кипр

FedEx Office in Northern Cyprus

There is a FedEx office in Northern Cyprus, but it is singular and not in the capital. It is located in Kyrenia on Ziya Rızkı Street, you can see the location on the map below the text.

FedEx Services in Northern Cyprus

At the FedEx office in Kyrenia, you can pick up a parcel, send it to other countries, and also pack it before sending. The company also handles customs clearance of goods independently, eliminating the need to personally visit customs authorities.

Working Hours of FedEx Office in Northern Cyprus

The FedEx office in Kyrenia operates according to the following schedule:

  • Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 17:00
  • Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00
  • Sunday - closed

You can keep track of any changes in the schedule on the FedEx delivery point page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delivery in Northern Cyprus

What other delivery companies are there?

In addition to FedEx, another globally renowned delivery company is represented in the northern part of the island. Read about DHL services and offices in Northern Cyprus.

How to send a parcel to Northern Cyprus?

Due to the status of an unrecognized republic, mail to Northern Cyprus must be sent in a special way. You need to specify the address in a certain way, and there are other nuances, which we have described in the article "Sending a Parcel to Northern Cyprus."

Is customs clearance required for parcels?

Yes, a parcel to Northern Cyprus, if it is not documents, will be subject to customs clearance, even if it is a cheap item for personal use. The exact amount will be communicated to you at the FedEx collection point.

In the largest Telegram forum of Northern Cyprus, there is a chat "Flying/looking for delivery" - there you can find people willing to deliver your documents to Northern Cyprus from different countries, or help someone yourself.

Офис FedEx на Северном Кипре
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