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Courier delivery within TRNC

Updated: 4 months ago

Often, it is necessary to transport things or send a parcel from one city to another. Few people know, but in Northern Cyprus, parcels can be sent via bus companies. For this, you need to approach the bus stop, register the parcel, and hand it over to the driver. The recipient in another city needs to approach the final bus stop in their city to pick up the shipment.

Bus companies that deal with parcel and item transportation:

  • Itimat
  • Kombos
  • Komtur
  • MLS

In Northern Cyprus, courier services also operate, where you can order delivery from your address to the recipient's address.

Courier delivery services within TRNC:

  • Yurtiçi kargo
  • MNG Kargo
  • Aras kargo
  • Kıbrıs kargo

Links to courier delivery service websites:


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