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Labor Day in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Labor Day, celebrated on May 1st, is considered an official public holiday in Northern Cyprus. In Turkish, it is called İşçi Bayramı.

День труда на Северном Кипре

How is May 1st celebrated in Northern Cyprus?

In Northern Cyprus, Labor Day is typically marked by local festive events in different municipalities. On this day, people may attend festive parades, concerts, sports events, or participate in other entertainment activities.

Moreover, some city municipalities organize festive events in parks or on beaches. Additionally, some companies and organizations may arrange special events or parties for their employees.

Organizations and trade unions may organize rallies, parades, or demonstrations to draw attention to labor rights issues and social justice.

Frequently Asked Questions about holidays

Is May 1st a public holiday?

Yes, officially the holiday is included in the list of national holidays, and May 1st is a public holiday. However, in practice, only civil servants have a day off on May 1st, while private businesses typically continue working if this day does not fall on a Sunday.

What other holidays are celebrated in Northern Cyprus?

In Northern Cyprus, other holidays are also celebrated—from New Year's Day and Atatürk Memorial Day to Republic Day and religious holidays. Here is a list of official holidays in Northern Cyprus.

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