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All Festivals in Northern Cyprus

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Cyprus is an island of joy, and festivals here are quite frequent, especially during the season of various cultural ripening.

фестивали Северного Кипра

Festivals in Northern Cyprus

Here are the main festivals in Northern Cyprus. It's worth noting that they don't always take place on the same dates, so it's better to check on the municipality websites or subscribe to our news channel, where we provide information on the most current events. It's also worth reading about the national holidays of Northern Cyprus separately.

Frequently Asked Questions about Holidays

When are the weekends in Northern Cyprus?

The residents of the northern part of the island have many reasons to celebrate, from New Year to Eid al-Fitr. Here is a list of official holidays in Northern Cyprus.

Is May 1st celebrated in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, May Day is celebrated in Northern Cyprus and is considered an official holiday. In Turkish, it is called İşçi Bayramı, and you can read about it here.

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