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Where to buy fresh fish?

Updated: 4 months ago

Fresh fish is easiest to buy at weekly markets or specialized fish stores, which are quite numerous in large cities. Here you can also buy other fresh marine life, for example, shrimp or octopus.

In the markets, prices for freshly caught fish are often slightly lower than in stores. For example, the popular Seabass (Levrek) and Dorada (Chipura) cost an average of 160-170 Turkish liras per kilogram. However, many buyers are put off by unsanitary conditions and the characteristic smell that reigns around the fish shops in the weekly markets. In stationary outlets, it’s almost always much cleaner, and the fish is stored in special containers and smells less. In addition, when buying fresh fish in stores, they will clean and cut it for you.

You can also buy fresh fish in many supermarkets, for example, in the largest Erülkü Süpermarket. Prices for fresh fish are comparable to market prices.

Popular fish shops:









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