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Where in Northern Cyprus Can You Find Olivier and Herring Under a Fur Coat?

Updated: 4 months ago

For someone from the post-Soviet space, New Year is inconceivable without traditional salads: Olivier and Herring under a Fur Coat.

Here are places where you are guaranteed to be served these dishes, and you can also order home delivery if you don't feel like cooking yourself.

оливье и селёдка под шубой северный кипр

Olivier and Herring Under a Fur Coat in Northern Cyprus

Restaurant "Sova" in Kyrenia

The menu includes both salads, as well as other traditional Eastern European dishes. Additionally, Italian and Japanese cuisines are also available.

Cafe "Basilik" in Alsancak

In addition to soups, pizzas, and a grill menu, Olivier with Herring under a Fur Coat is also available, and orders for delivery are accepted.

Restaurant "Dacha" in Alsancak

This restaurant offers traditional Slavic dishes, where, of course, there is a place for everyone's favorite salads - Olivier and Herring under a Fur Coat.

Gastro-pub "Bar Duck" in Kyrenia

Here, you can often find dishes from Russian and Ukrainian cuisines, and of course, Olivier and Herring are also available.

Restaurant "Oktoberfest" in Famagusta

Classic Olivier is available, but instead of Herring under a Fur Coat, salmon is found on the menu.

Asia Mix in Famagusta and Alsancak

The menu mainly consists of Asian dishes, including Uighur cuisine. In Famagusta, Olivier is available on the menu, but there is no Herring under a Fur Coat, while in Alsancak, herring is available.

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Year's Table

Where to Find Ingredients for Herring Under a Fur Coat and Olivier?

You can also prepare these salads yourself, but you may need to look for some products such as sausage and herring. You can find them for sale, for example, at the "Three Bears" store in Alsancak.

Is There Delivery for Olivier and Herring Under a Fur Coat?

All the places mentioned above offer delivery, but it's better to check the minimum amount by calling the numbers above. In addition, you can order New Year's dishes from the catering company Food-box Kıbrıs - Olivier, Herring under a Fur Coat, and Mimosa are available - another popular New Year's salad.

Do These Restaurants Work on New Year's?

We know that there will be a show program at Sova; more details about this and other restaurants with New Year's programs were written in this article. In Basilik, we were assured that the program would also be there, but at the time of writing, it was not yet ready.

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