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How do you order food? Are there any delivery apps?

Updated: 4 months ago

Northern Cyprus restaurants are more than just a profitable business; it is a whole tradition associated with the culture of Eastern hospitality, including delicious cuisine, service, and a welcoming atmosphere.

The allure of Mediterranean lunches and dinners by the sea or in the mountains, overlooking vineyards, waves, or simply passers-by. As a result, food delivery services were not yet widespread. They only appeared recently, during COVID, but have already proven their viability. Today, 80 percent of restaurants offer "take-out". There is no known "Uber eats" in Northern Cyprus. However, "Yemesepeti", "Ezic Online" and "Mr.Order" are the most popular local apps. There is also a new app called "Feed me" which has better-developed location tracking.

All of the above-mentioned mobile apps are available in the AppStore and Google Play Market. Don't be worried if you haven't found the restaurant app. Search for the contact information of a restaurant in Google and call the phone number or place an order via WhatsApp - most restaurants will gladly deliver your favorite food to your home or office.

Приложения доставка еды Северный Кипр

Food Delivery Apps in Northern Cyprus

Yemeksepeti: Food & Grocery

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Mr. Order

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Feed Me


Доставка еды Северный Кипр

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Delivery in Northern Cyprus

Is delivery available throughout the island?

No, there is a rule here: the more popular the area, the more options there will be. You can find out if delivery is available to your address directly in the app or by calling the restaurant that offers its own delivery.

What should I do if I can't find the desired restaurant in any of the apps?

If for some reason you did not find the restaurant you are interested in in the apps, don't be disappointed. Look for the contact details of the establishment on Google and call the phone number or place an order via WhatsApp. They will be happy to deliver your favorite dish to your home or office.

On the most popular Telegram forum in Cyprus, there is a Food in Cyprus chat, where you can order something for delivery or simply find a lot of useful information about establishments in the northern part of the island.

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