Cyprus, Nicosia

Cost of pet food in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 4 months ago

Due to high inflation and the lack of its production in Northern Cyprus, pet food has risen in price significantly.

Now we tell you how much it costs to feed pets.

A package of dry cat food weighing 1.5 kilograms will cost at least 70 liras. Dog food of the same weight will cost from 80 liras.

It is more profitable to buy large packages: 5 kilograms - 250 liras, while 7 kilograms - 350 liras. 15 kilograms will cost 655 liras, and premium food will cost 1000 liras and more.

Canned wet food costs between 23 and 30 liras for a 415-gram can and between 45 and 60 liras for a 1240-gram can.

It’ll be a little cheaper to buy food in pet stores by weight, in this case, you can find a price tag of 25 - 30 lira per kilogram.


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