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Where to parafly in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Paragliding is perhaps the best view of the island. Plus, of course, the thrill and adrenaline. We discuss where you can fly in tandem with an instructor or solo.

Paragliding is largely monopolized by the company Highline Paragliding, which has been organizing this activity for 20 years - since 2003. Using the services of this company, you can fly in tandem, and if you can do it yourself, then solo, renting equipment and obtaining the necessary permits (this is necessary because of the many military bases on the heights).

Параплан Северный Кипр


  • Paradise. The northern slope of Mount Beshbarmak. The height of the starting point is 750 meters. During the flight, a breathtaking view of Girne and the north coast in this area opens.
  • Baba. The western slope of Mount Beshbarmak. The height of the starting point is 760 meters. The flight takes place over a picturesque gorge, where the village of Ilgaz is located.
  • Golden Beach. A dune on the Karpaz peninsula with a view of the Golden Beach and its surroundings. The height of the starting point is 100 meters.

If you have never tried paragliding, Northern Cyprus is a great place to discover this hobby. Well, if you have tried it, you do not need to be persuaded, see the contacts below.


Can I fly over Karpas in tandem with an instructor?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the low height, this spot is only available for solo flights. But you can fly in tandem from Mount Beshbarmak, and the views there will be more impressive due to the greater height.

Do I need special skills for the first paragliding flight?

If we are talking about a tandem flight - no. The instructor does all the work, you just have to look around enthusiastically.

Can I take photos and videos during the flight?

The instructor will also do this for you - capture in photos and videos not just the views around, but you against this beauty, so get ready to change your profile photo on social networks!

  • Book time and find out the cost: Highline Paragliding website

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