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Driving schools in Northern Cyprus

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We have already discussed how to exchange your national driving license for a TRNC driver's license in Northern Cyprus. This can be done through driving schools.

Автошколы Северного Кипра

Functions of Driving Schools in Northern Cyprus

Just like anywhere in the world, driving schools aim to teach driving both in practice and in theory.

Theoretical Training

  • Teaching traffic rules, including signs, markings, and basic laws
  • Studying road safety basics and behavior in various road situations
  • Training in first aid in case of road accidents

Practical Driving

  • Learning to drive a car with an instructor in closed areas
  • Learning to drive a car with an instructor in urban conditions
  • Practicing various maneuvers such as parking, U-turns, and reverse driving

But driving schools have another important function: employees register students for the driving test at the Road Transport Department, both for initial driver's license issuance and for exchanging their national licenses for local ones.

List of Driving Schools in Northern Cyprus

In Northern Cyprus, there are several driving schools that offer services for driving training and assistance in obtaining driver's licenses.


Etkin Şoför Okulu

Merkan Driving School

Yiğit Şoför Okulu

Seyhun Bikmaz Sofor Okulu

Gerçek tilki şöför okulu

Deniz Yağızerler Şoför Okulu


Özbek Şoför Okulu

  • Has a Russian-speaking administrator
  • Phone: +903928151036
  • Location


Yüksel Driving School

Özgüneş Driving School

Gerçek Tilki Driving School


Ergin Driving School

Tilki Driving School

İrfan Driving School

Fatoş Driving School


Kurşun Driving School


Yiğit Driving School

Frequently Asked Questions about Cars in Northern Cyprus

Can I drive with foreign driving licenses?

Upon arrival in Northern Cyprus, you can drive for a while with your national driver's license, but then you will need to exchange it for a local one. Here is the instruction on how to do this.

Where to buy a used car?

Got your license? Great, now you can think about buying a car. First of all - it doesn't have to be new. Here are a few resources where you can buy a second-hand car in Northern Cyprus.

Why are the car plates in different colors?

In Northern Cyprus, you will find car plates of several colors: white, red, black, green, blue, and yellow. In the article about the meaning of the different colors of car plates in Northern Cyprus, we explained how they differ.

In the telegram chat "Auto" you can ask any questions about driving schools, as well as find yourself an instructor.

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