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How to register a car from your country and how long can you drive it?

Updated: 2 months ago

In Northern Cyprus, the rules are the same as in Turkey. A foreign car can be used for 12 months. After a year of driving on the island, the car must be taken off the island. It will be impossible to import the same car without changing the owner and license plates.

How to legalize a car in Northern Cyprus after import:

  • In Lefkoşa, a statement of entry/exit is obtained from the police department;
  • Take the statement to the customs. You will be issued a receipt, where you will need to indicate the weight of the car;
  • Next to the customs, there are scales (100 m away) - weigh the car and indicate the weight on the receipt;
  • Take the receipt back to the customs and have it stamped;
  • Go to the transport bank to pay the road tax for six months or a year;
  • Next to the police department, opposite the main entrance, there is an antique shop (a kiosk on the corner), where you need to buy a stamp for 21.5TL for the entry statement;
  • Return to the customs. Based on the receipt for the payment of the road tax, a new stay date for the car is recorded. The date is recorded in the statement you received upon entry with the car.


  • When importing, if the car is not registered in your name, a general power of attorney for the car (with the right of import) translated into Turkish is required. Without it, you will not be allowed to enter. The nearest translation office to the port is "Veles";
  • Exiting Northern Cyprus without the car, personal experience:
  1. Walking out in Ledra, visa on a piece of paper, with the import stamp on the back for 30 days. I was asked where the car was (nearby, parked), and filled out a declaration that I undertake not to transfer it to anyone during my absence from Northern Cyprus.
  2. Departure from Ercan with a residence permit. Nothing was asked, no need to fill out anything.
  • Only the person who imported the car or another driver in their presence has the right to drive the car. Even if the second driver is the owner of the car.
  • When the car is registered to a spouse, an "in&out" statement, a translated copy of the marriage certificate, driver's license, passport, and insurance (into which the second driver is already listed) are required to be taken to the customs. In this way, the second driver is entered into the customs document.


  1. Police
  2. Customs, working hours until 14:00 on weekdays
  3. Weighbridge (near the customs)
  4. Transport Bank
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