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Are there any bike lanes in Northern Cyprus?

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It is difficult to call Northern Cyprus the most convenient place in the world for cyclists, but in some places, enthusiasts can still enjoy a pleasant and safe ride.

Bike Lanes in Northern Cyprus

велодорожки северный кипр


In Nicosia, there was a project to create a bike lane from the Gonyeli district towards the city center and the Hamitkoy district, which was supposed to end near the Cyprus International University. However, the project was not fully implemented, and currently, there is only a small section near the Ir Mar supermarket in the Gonyeli area.


In Lapta, there is a popular pedestrian route along the sea, which is wide enough to comfortably ride a bicycle. The only downside is the tiled surface, but if you have a mountain or city bike, it is still convenient to ride there. In any case, the magical views and sea breeze compensate for any inconvenience. The route starts at the Jewel in Emerald Bay Hotel and ends at the Sardunya Bay café.


The most famous bike trail in Northern Cyprus is located in Iskele, right along the popular Long Beach. The bike path, which is several kilometers long, is built to high standards, and the views of the beach and the sea add to the pleasure of the ride.


There are also real bike lanes in Guzelyurt (Morphou) - they are red-brick colored with appropriate surfaces. The bike lane starts at the parking lot near the Ataturk Cultural Center and runs along the dried-up riverbed.


The main two-lane highway in Cyprus, which runs from Lefke to Nicosia and further to Famagusta, can be considered a large bike lane: thanks to its two-meter-wide shoulder, it is a relatively safe way to ride on a smooth surface. Road cyclists take advantage of this, and they can often be seen, especially on weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bicycles in Northern Cyprus

Do Google Maps show bike lanes?

Unfortunately, this service is not available in Northern Cyprus. Even if it is technically possible to ride, the maps do not indicate cycling as a mode of transportation, at least for now.

Where can I buy bicycles in Northern Cyprus?

In the northern part of the island, several bike shops sell both budget models and more expensive ones. You can find a list of them in this article.

Where can I skate?

There are also places for skateboarding, which we have mentioned in this article.

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