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Ferry from Anamur (Turkey) to Girne

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A new ferry route has opened for residents of Turkey, Northern Cyprus, and tourists in the summer of 2024.

Паром Анамур Гирне

Anamur — Kyrenia Ferry

In addition to the long-standing ferry route from Kyrenia to Tasucu (a port near Mersin), a new route from Kyrenia to Anamur started on June 12, 2024. The ferry can accommodate 450 passengers and is classified as a sea bus.

Anamur — Kyrenia Ferry Schedule

  • Anamur — Kyrenia: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday at 11:00
  • Kyrenia — Anamur: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday at 18:00

Buy Ticket for Anamur — Kyrenia Ferry

Tickets can be purchased on the website (link to the English version of the page). Choose Anamur and Girne respectively, or vice versa if you are traveling from the island to the mainland.

Паром Анамур Гирне

Frequently Asked Questions about the Anamur — Kyrenia Ferry

How much is the ticket for the Anamur — Kyrenia ferry?

A one-way ticket for an adult passenger costs 1500 lira. A student ticket costs 1250 lira. A child from 3 to 6 years old — 1000 lira, a child up to 2 years old — only port fees (103 lira). Prices are valid as of June 2024.

How long does the ferry take to Northern Cyprus?

From Anamur to the port of Girne in Northern Cyprus, the ferry takes 2 hours and 15 minutes. Depending on weather conditions, the time may vary slightly.

How else can you get to Northern Cyprus by sea?

Ferries depart from the town of Tasucu in Turkey and arrive at the port of Girne. There is a slow overnight ferry that carries cars, and a fast daytime ferry. Here is an article about these ferries.

Can you transport a car from Anamur to Girne?

No, this ferry is for passengers only. To transport a car, use the line from Tasucu. Read our article on how to transport a car on a ferry to Northern Cyprus for more details.

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