How to Get to Northern Cyprus by Ferry?

There is a ferry service between mainland Turkey and NC. This type of travel is for adventure lovers and car owners because the ferry means traveling with your own or rented car.

Everything is simple. You buy a ticket for transporting a car - it's about 260 lire and includes the driver's transit too. For other passengers, you need separate tickets. Then you should pay the tax for going abroad - about 300 lire and - welcome!

One can find the details of the ferry routes and the ticket prices on the website: 

By the way, the ferry journey takes about 12 hours, plus purchasing tickets and other formalities can take about an hour. The journey is not short, so we recommend booking a cabin, where it will be more comfortable than sitting on the deck. It is forbidden to stay in the car while the ferry is in motion. And do not take a cabin belowdecks - it's not for the faint-hearted as there are too many mechanisms and noise.

Have a good trip!

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