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Are video recorders allowed in North Cyprus?

Updated: 3 weeks ago

The dashboard camera is an indispensable device in contentious situations on the roads. However, it is not allowed in all countries.

For instance, in several European countries, road video recording devices are prohibited due to the potential violation of privacy.

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The legality of a dashboard camera in Northern Cyprus

The territory of Northern Cyprus is not among the countries where dashboard cameras are prohibited - you can install and use it quite legally.

  • But! Recordings from the dashboard camera are not admissible in court as evidence of your innocence or the guilt of another road user.

How to install a dashboard camera in Northern Cyprus?

To do this, you need to find an auto electrician, and a list of auto services in Northern Cyprus with contacts will help you - just call and inquire about the possibility of installing a dashboard camera in your car.

It also makes sense to join the chat for motorists of the largest Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus. There, they will advise you on how to install a dashboard camera yourself or provide contacts of people who do it professionally.

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