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School Education in Northern Cyprus: Affordable Quality

Enrolling your child in private schools in Northern Cyprus is an opportunity to receive a quality education based on the British system at more affordable prices than in Europe and the USA.

Benefits of studying in Northern Cyprus:

  • High-quality education is based on the British system, which is considered one of the best. Children study for 12 years.
  • Affordable prices compared to Europe and the USA.
  • English language instruction with Turkish as an additional language.
  • The free shuttle bus that takes children to school.
  • Wide range of subjects including information technology and art.
  • Various specialized programs during the summer holidays: excursions, math summer camp, and film clubs.

Types of schools:

  • Private schools: instruction mainly in English, Turkish language - additional.
  • State schools: for the first 5 years children study in Turkish, and English is introduced as a foreign language. For foreigners, such schools are free.

Which school to choose?

Private schools offer a wider range of subjects, with an emphasis on information technology and art. These institutions, like state institutions, are required to be accredited by the Ministry of Education to meet high standards. Private schools offer students various specialized programs during the summer holidays - excursions, a math summer camp, film clubs. Everything to unlock the potential of students.

The choice of school depends on your wishes and possibilities. Our experts will help you:

  • Decide on the choice of school.
  • Apply to an educational institution.
  • Choose the ideal option in the shortest possible time.

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