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Import and export of animals

Pet Transportation to Northern Cyprus: Rules and Requirements

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an attractive country for immigration. It is a sunny, promising, and safe country. The number of migrants, including pet owners, is growing every year.

Moving is a responsible business. Pet owners face several challenges when importing animals into another country.

Difficulties in importing animals:

  • The need to comply with strict rules.
  • Collection of documents and certificates.
  • Choosing a reliable airline for transportation.
  • Risk of quarantine.

Requirements for the import of animals:

  • All vaccinations against infectious diseases.
  • A veterinary passport.
  • Rabies vaccination (no later than 1 month before arrival).
  • Rabies antibody test.
  • Treatment for parasites worms, ticks, and fleas (a few days before arrival).
  • A certificate from a veterinarian with permission for export (a few days before departure).

If your pet does not have the required vaccinations at the time of entry to Northern Cyprus, the government has the right to send the animal to quarantine. Therefore, we advise you to take all requirements responsibly.

Expert help:

Our specialists will help you:

  • Collect the necessary documents.
  • Choose an airline for transportation.
  • Resolve issues related to the arrival or departure of the pet.

Transport your pet to Northern Cyprus without stress!

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