Cyprus, Nicosia

What to do if you have a high-income residence permit but still want to work?

Updated: 4 months ago

For illegal labor activity in Northern Cyprus, you can get a fine and go to jail. Therefore, you should be careful with all transportation, cosmetic, and beauty activities and try to work exclusively on legal grounds.

If it happened so that you already have a residence permit for a high income, but you want to do something else and don’t want to get a separate working visa, then there is another option. In Northern Cyprus, you can work on a student visa.

To foreigners, the universities of NC offer 50% discounts on course costs, with the minimum price starting from $ 2000 per semester. It is also possible to get higher education for free here.

It is easy to enter NC universities, and a student visa provides various benefits and the right to work. Top specialties – medicine and pharmacology – are expensive compared to other professions. But if you choose another faculty, you can get additional education and the right to work.

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