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How to get a residence permit in North Cyprus

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A residence permit can be issued or renewed on the Ministry of Internal Affairs' state online system at

Way of proceeding:

Register by filling out the questionnaire. Enter your passport details, parents' names, email address, and local phone number, which will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

In total, there are 17 types of residence permits in the system, choose the one that suits you:

  • Aile İzni (Eşi) / Family Permit (Spouse)
  • Aile İzni (Çocuğu ise) / Family Permit (Child of the sponsor)
  • Aile İzni (Anne-Babası ise) / Family Permit (Parent of the sponsor)
  • Taşınmaz Mal Sahipliği / Immovable Property Ownership
  • Yüksek Gelir Düzeyi / High Income
  • Sağlık Turizmi / Health Tourism
  • Hizmet İçi Eğitim ve Staj / In-Service Training / Internship
  • Öğrenci Değişim Programı / Student Exchange Program
  • Yat Turizmi / Yatch Tourism
  • Adli ve İdari Görevler / Judicial/Administrative Assignment
  • Film/Belgesel Çekimi / Shooting A Movie / Documentary
  • KKTC'den mezun olanlar / Graduates from TRNC
  • Sosyal Sigortalar Dairesi Emeklileri / Social Security Office Retirees
  • Lisanslı Sporcular İçin Kısa Dönem İkamet İzni / Short Term Residence Permit For Licensed Athletes
  • Ülkenin Eğitim ve Kültürü ile Büyüyen Yabancılar / Foreigners Growing with the Education and Culture of the Country
  • Aile İzni (Partneri ise) / Family Permit (Partner of the sponsor)
  • İnsani İkamet İzni / Humanitarian Residence Permit


Download scans or high-quality photos of the required documents, depending on the type of residence permit, and then click "Continue." Also, indicate the time frame for which you are requesting a residence permit. This can range from 6 months to 2 years, but in most cases, they are only valid for one year. After the system will offer you the closest date and time of the interview (rendezvous) to the police station according to the place of residence, where you will need to bring photocopies of the documents uploaded to the site.

The addresses and contact details of police stations can be found in our section: police stations.

Then, within a few hours, the next step in the process of obtaining a residence permit will become available: payment for medical tests. After making the payment, you will learn the address of the nearest available medical laboratory. We recommend you take tests within a week after the appointment. The laboratory will take blood from your vein (a full HIV test) and test for TB (tuberculosis). If one of the tests turns out to be positive, then the residence permit will be denied, even if you own a property. Test results are loaded into the system within seven days.


After that, you should wait for your case to be reviewed by the Ministry of the Interior's Immigration Department. According to the law, the registration of a residence permit takes 60 days from the date of document submission to the police. However, there are often delays. In this case, we recommend visiting the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Lefkosha and checking the status of the documents - usually, it helps to speed up the process.

After your case is reviewed, the final stage of obtaining a residence permit will become available - paying for insurance. You can only pay with a local bank card. The residence permit will be issued automatically after payment. The document confirming your status that appears on the website can be saved in electronic form (PDF) and printed.

At this point, we can close the system until the next renewal of the residence permit. Good luck!

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