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Larnaca: tourism or relocation?

Updated: 2 months ago

Despite the fact that among Russian-speaking immigrants Larnaca is considered a rather modest and cheap city, it has its advantages.

It is the third largest city of the Republic of Cyprus, with a very rich history and culture. Here there is no bustle and beautiful hotels of Limassol, mountainous landscapes of Paphos. Larnaca is smaller and cosier, and more financially accessible. The city has the same beaches as Limassol, tourist entertainment, infrastructure and everything you need for everyday life.

If you decide to visit Larnaca as a tourist, this place will definitely not disappoint you. Here are preserved monuments of history and architecture of the IX century BC. The world-famous Stoic philosophy and its founder, the legendary Zeno, all originated in Larnaca. A city of intertwined cultures - ancient, Christian, Muslim and island, where each religious and ethnic movement has its famous places of strength and followers.

Tourists should be sure to see the Christian shrine - the Church of St Lazarus, go to the archaeological museum, which presents excavations of ancient eras, starting from the times of antiquity. The Larnaca Castle and the Roman Catholic Church with Franciscan monastery are also worth a visit. Muslims can pray at the famous place of religious pilgrimage - the mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke. Bar lovers should definitely spend time on Mackenzie Beach, but divers are recommended to swim near the sunken Swedish ferry "Zenobia" - today it is a real attraction with a 178-metre dive. Tourists will definitely not be bored in Larnaca, the main thing is to know where to go and plan your leisure time in advance.

As for moving and living permanently in Larnaca, it is a city with British schools, Russian kindergartens, shopping centres and everything for a comfortable life on the coast. If your budget is limited, and you want to move to Cyprus and get a residence permit for at least a year - Larnaca is for you. Prices for housing here are the lowest in the Republic of Cyprus, and life is not worse than in other cities.

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