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Best beaches in Limassol

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Limassol is the main resort of Cyprus and the largest city with a rather impressive coastline. We will tell you which beaches in the city and its surroundings are considered the most convenient for swimming.

Top 15 beaches in Limassol

  1. Governor's Beach
  2. Dasoudi Beach
  3. Pissouri Beach
  4. Lady's Mile Beach
  5. Paramali Turtle Beach
  6. Kourion Beach
  7. Akti Olympion Beach
  8. Episkopi Beach
  9. Atlantica Miramare
  10. Armonia Beach
  11. Parekklisia Beach
  12. Onisilos Beach
  13. Amathus Beach
  14. Panagies Beach
  15. Castella Beach

Лучшие пляжи Лимассола

Governor's Beach

Located 20 km from Limassol, this beach has a special atmosphere thanks to its small secluded areas of land located among the rocks. A favorite place for photo shoots.

The name of the beach is associated with the British Governor of Cyprus, who highly appreciated this place and enjoyed swimming in its waters. The surrounding landscapes are rightly considered one of the most picturesque on the island: the chalk cliffs shine beautifully in the sun.

Dasoudi Beach

Dasoudi Beach is about one and a half kilometers long, covered with special grayish volcanic sand, sometimes mixed with small pebbles. Due to the rapid heating of the sand on the beach, a wide wooden walkway has been installed, which makes it much easier to move around.

The approach to the water is smooth and convenient, and thanks to the embankments, strong waves are rare here. This makes Dasoudi Beach ideal for relaxing with children in shallow water.

One of the unique features of Dasoudi Beach is its proximity to a eucalyptus tree park. This arboretum brings natural shade and fills the air with the aromas of these trees.

Pissouri Beach

This spacious sandy and pebble beach is located in the picturesque Pissouri Bay. It has been awarded the Blue Flag for meeting high standards of quality and safety both in the water and in the infrastructure.

Overall, Pissouri Beach is an ideal place for lovers of a relaxing beach holiday with comfort. Here you can enjoy beautiful views, peace and tranquility, while avoiding noisy parties.

Lady's Mile Beach

This is not only the longest, but also one of the most impressive beach areas on the island. The coastline consists of sandy and pebble areas stretching for about 5 kilometers. The coast is divided into different sectors, some of which stand out as separate beaches, for example, Captain’s Cabin is a popular landscaped area with an inflatable water park.

The beach has excellent infrastructure: here you can rent sun loungers, enjoy delicious food in restaurants, rent various equipment for recreation and enjoy water activities.

Next to the beach there is a large salt lake and some historical sights, which adds special interest to the area.

Paramali Turtle Beach

Paramali Turtle Beach is located south of the village of Paramali. A wide strip of magnificent olive trees separates the beach from the highway. The access road to the beach is surrounded by mandarin and mixed citrus plantations, which fill the surroundings with a pleasant aroma during the flowering season.
As the name suggests, turtles live here, so vacationers are asked not to disturb them and to keep a sufficient distance.

Curium Beach

The shore of this kilometer-long beach is covered with dark sand and pebbles, the entrance to the sea here is smooth and comfortable. The territory is a protected area, the care of which lies on the shoulders of environmental services. Curium Beach was awarded the "Blue Flag" for the quality of the sea water, it is constantly monitored here.

The location is especially popular during the season, especially among families with children, due to the shallow water at the entrance to the sea. However, it should be remembered that there can be waves, making this beach an attractive place for windsurfing and surfing. On calm days, divers can also be seen here, diving near the resort area.

There are no sports activities or bars on Curium. In the vicinity of the beach, you can enjoy walks through the rocky terrain and visit several historically significant places.

Akti Olympion Beach

Akti Olympion Beach is the central equipped city beach, which stretches east from the Molos embankment to the Crowne Plaza Limassol hotel. The name of the beach is translated from Greek as "the coast of the Olympians".

There are comfortable walking paths and bike paths, cafes and shops near the beach, public transport is also available in the immediate vicinity of the beach. At the same time, the beach is clean and has been awarded the "Blue Flag".

Episkopi Beach

Episkopi Beach is located next to the village of the same name, partly belonging to the Limassol part of Cyprus and partly to the British territory. It is also located near the ruins of an ancient city.

Episkopi Beach is home to turtles, including protected species.

The beach is surrounded by hills, and the entrance to the sea is smooth here. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent on the beach, changing cabins, showers, toilets are provided, and lifeguards are on duty. Free WiFi is also available to visitors. There are fish restaurants near Episkopi Beach.

Atlantica Miramare

Atlantica Miramare Beach is a well-maintained urban sand and pebble beach, located next to the four-star hotel of the same name, which is one of the most famous in Limassol.

The beach is almost entirely covered with dark sand of volcanic origin mixed with small pebbles - this is a typical covering for many beaches in Cyprus. A special concrete pier is equipped along the entire length of the beach.

Armonia Beach

Armonia Beach is located in the famous resort of Agios Tychonas, which is located east of the center of Limassol, next to the park of the same name. The beach is a narrow strip of coastline and has a length of about 600 meters. Covered with soft sand of a grayish hue, it is sometimes mixed with small stones. To protect against strong waves, stone breakwaters are installed, not only from the eastern and western sides, but also from the southern part, where the open sea is.

An ideal place for snorkeling - the water here is clean and transparent. Along the breakwaters, at a depth of about 3-4 meters, you can find sea turtles, which are already accustomed to tourists and are not afraid to swim nearby. According to vacationers, sometimes you can see 10 or more turtles at the same time.

This beach is perfect for a calm and family holiday with children, although it may seem boring for young people. Armonia Beach has been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag certificate, which testifies to the high cleanliness of the recreation area.

Parekklisia Beach

Parekklisia Beach is one of the most picturesque and well-maintained beaches in Limassol. This beach is located in the Akrotiri Bay on the southern coast of Cyprus, east of the Agios Tychonas area.

This beach has a length of about 400 meters, the entrance to the sea here is gentle, and the depth near the shore remains small, which makes it safe for children. The water is clean and calm, although there are sometimes waves, which attracts surfers. The seabed is sandy and almost free of stones.

Onisilos Beach

Onisilos Beach in the Agios Tychonas area, just ten kilometers from the center of Limassol, with a length of just under 500 meters, is one of the most compromise beaches: a calm atmosphere, and at the same time there is a well-developed infrastructure around it, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay. One side of it borders an area of hotels, restaurants and parking lots, and on the other side there are several neighboring beaches, such as Armonia Beach and Castella Beach.

Amathus Beach

Amathus Beach is located east of Limassol. The name of this beach is inherited from the ancient antique city of Amathus, the ruins of which are located nearby and are an attractive tourist attraction.

Among the advantages of Amathus Beach, one can single out its high degree of cleanliness and convenient location. The beach is ideal for a measured and relaxing holiday.

Panagies Beach

Panagies Beach is a spacious and well-maintained place to relax, located in the Pyrgos area. This beach is located next to the Saint Raphael pier, the moored yachts give a special atmosphere, and the pier itself serves as protection from the south-westerly winds.

There are eucalyptus groves near the beach, which provide fresh and clean air.
The sea at Panagies Beach is shallow, clean and calm. The entrance to the water is gentle, and in some places there may be small stones. The beach is covered with fine gray sand mixed with pebbles.

Castella Beach

Castella Beach is a sandy and pebble public beach area, almost a kilometer long, run by the Limassol Municipality.

Despite the relative narrowness of the coastline, the beach is extremely clean and has a well-developed infrastructure for recreation - it is not for nothing that it has been awarded the Blue Flag.

The sand on this beach has a dark gray tint, and the number of stones is small. Trees grow on its territory, creating a pleasant shade. The waves in the sea are usually low in the first half of the day, but can intensify in the second half. The water is clean and transparent.

Frequently asked questions about the beaches of Limassol

Which beaches are closer to the city?

Closer to the center are Akti Olympion, Dasoudi and Miramare, also in the city, but in the resort area - Onisilos, Armonia, Castella, Amathus, Parekklisia and Panagies. Ladies Mile Beach is already near the Salt Lake and the British military base. Pissouri, Paramali and Episkopi are much further west, Governor's Beach is to the east.

Which beaches are best for children?

On Dasoudi Beach you will find two playgrounds, Ladies Mile Beach is also great for children, especially in the part called Captain's Cabin: trampolines and children's slides, as well as attractions. Akti Olympion Beach is located next to the city embankment, on it you will find a sculpture park and a zoo. Read more in our review of the beaches of Limassol for children.

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