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Limassol Beaches for Children

Updated: 2 months ago

Practically all Limassol beaches are sandy-pebbled, with a gentle sea entrance, which will be liked by children and their parents. But in some places, there are additional advantages for young tourists.

For example, at Dasoudi beach, you will find two playgrounds. One is in the eucalyptus park adjacent to the coastline, and the other is at Dasoudi Playground cafe. Families with young children will particularly enjoy the shade of the trees.

Despite its name, Lady’s mile beach is perfect for children, especially in the section called the Captain's Cabin: trampolines and children's slides, as well as attractions on the playground, will diversify leisure activities.

Akti Olympion beach is located next to the city promenade, where you will discover a sculpture park and a zoo - you can combine water procedures with educational leisure.

In the eastern part of Limassol, there are several small beaches that have been awarded the "Blue Flag" - it is awarded for high quality standards. These include Malindi, Amathus, Castella, and Harmony. Warm water, soft sand, and shallow depths make them convenient for family vacations.

Пляж Дасуди (Dasoudi Beach)
Пляж Дамская миля (Ladies' Mile Beach)
Пляж Акти Олимпион (Akti Olympion Beach)
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