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Places in Cyprus with Accessible Environment for People with Disabilities

Updated: 3 months ago

Cyprus, in its mentality, is a European state that pays significant attention to issues of equal opportunities.

One of the crucial points is the accessibility of many facilities for people with limited abilities.

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Accessible Environment in Cyprus at Airports

International airports in Larnaca and Paphos are fully accessible for individuals with disabilities and limited mobility. Facilities include accessible toilets, charging stations for electric wheelchairs near boarding gates, ramps allowing wheelchair users to board and disembark from buses, and additional support services. Additional information about facilities and services for individuals with disabilities can be found on the respective airport website (the website is the same for both airports).

Accessible Environment in Cyprus Hotels

Many hotel establishments provide a range of services meeting specific needs and requirements. You can find a list of establishments that have undergone inspection and have been deemed satisfactory in terms of comfort and services suitable for individuals with special needs in this document.

It is also recommended to review the results of the aforementioned inspection on this page. As service conditions may change at any time, or additional establishments may become more accessible, it is strongly recommended to contact hotels directly to ensure they have conditions suitable for specific individuals.

Accessible Environment in Cyprus Parking Lots

Cyprus uses the European "blue badge" for parking in specially designated spaces for disabled individuals, available throughout the island on public roads and car parks. The authority responsible for issuing the blue badge is the Care and Rehabilitation Service for Disabled Persons, part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, which can be contacted by phone at +35722 815015 or by email at [email protected].

Accessible Environment in Cyprus Cities

Most cities in Cyprus are quite accessible for wheelchair users, but work on improving infrastructure continues. Therefore, it is recommended for wheelchair users to move with the assistance of a helper if unsure about the accessibility of a particular place.

Accessible Environment in Cyprus Public Transport

Cyprus has special buses with ramps, seat belts, and air conditioning, as well as special taxis that can transport people in wheelchairs.

Accessible Environment in Cyprus Landmarks

Information about landmarks accessible to wheelchair users can be found on the websites of the landmarks themselves. However, it's important to note that the island has many interesting places related to antiquity or unusual landscapes where not every healthy person can easily navigate.

Accessible Environment in Cyprus Beaches

There are many beaches on the island accessible to wheelchair users, easily identifiable by the wheelchair access symbol. You can find a list of fully or partially accessible beaches across the island in this document.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Accessible Environment in Cyprus

Where can I get more information about the accessible environment in Cyprus?

To start, download the guide on places in Cyprus for citizens with limited mobility prepared by the island's Ministry of Tourism. You can also contact the Pancyprian Organisation for Disabled Persons at +35722426301, where English is spoken. Additionally, bookmark this website; although the information is in Greek, the built-in browser translator will assist you.

Which beaches are the cleanest in Cyprus?

On our website, you can explore the list of Cyprus beaches awarded the Blue Flag. Not all of them are equipped for disabled individuals, but this crucial criterion is taken into account when distributing awards.

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